Digital Trasformation Factory

Videolife is one of the most important companies for digital transformation applied to art. Born in New York in 1998, it develops innovative technologies anticipating market trends. Partner of the main international museums , his first installations of digital paintings remained famous as early as the mid-2000s when digital art was still in its infancy.< / p>

With the advent of NFT technology , Videolife has specialized in accompanying artists in this exciting adventure with unimaginable opportunities by operating all those actions necessary to build their digital identity such as:

  • Creation of customized Digital Ateliers within our Art Gallery
  • Generation of custom NFT codes for each work of art.
  • Scanning with advanced digitizing techniques.
  • Storing digital copies in your Crypto Art Bank
  • Preservation of physical works of art in special Vault with the status of "Bonded Warehouse".
  • Sales and trading management.
  • Creation of Digital Auctions for custom events.
  • Organization of virtual exhibitions complete with equipment (TokenFrames, Network Infrastructure, Press Office, etc.)