Videolife is one of the most important companies for digital transformation applied to art. Born in New York in 1998, it develops innovative technologies anticipating market trends. Partner of the main international museums , his first installations of digital paintings remained famous as early as the mid-2000s when digital art was still in its infancy.

With the advent of NFT technology, Videolife has specialized in accompanying artists in digitization by operating all those actions necessary to build their digital identity. For many of them Videolife has become the strategic partner thanks to which to face the new challenges of the market increasingly oriented towards digitized globalization ... continue

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Visionary realism, exhibition in Rome in the Monumental Complex of San Salvatore in Lauro.

The Museums of San Salvatore in Lauro are pleased to present the works of watercolorist Andrey Esionov, undisputed master of contemporary Russian figurative art and member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition "The Visionary Realism of Andrey Esionov" it is organized by the museums in collaboration with the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, under the direction of the curator Marco Di Capua. About 100 works by the painter will be presented in Rome, in particular watercolors and drawings that will introduce visitors to the artistic research of the talented Russian master.

Andrey Esionov lives and works in Moscow and is a highly recognized artist. His works are housed in museum collections in Moscow (Moscow Museum of Modern Art), St. Petersburg (Russian State Museum), Florence (Academy of Drawing Arts), Kazan (State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan), Tashkent (Museum of the Arts of Uzbekistan) and in many other important cities.


Among Videolife's partners is the Hermitage Museum, one of the largest museums in the world. Born as an annex of the majestic Winter Palace, it is now a huge museum complex of 66,842 square meters, which houses over 3 million works of art. The heart of the museum is made up of 4 buildings dating back to different eras, connected to each other by galleries and almost a thousand rooms.

The Hermitage of St. Petersburg, whose name derives from the French term "ermitage" with the meaning of "hermitage", was born from the desire of the Empress Catherine the Great to have an isolated place where you can spend time away from the social life of the city. Furthermore, the museum was probably also born out of its desire to manifest the greatness of the Russian Empire.

Its construction began within the walls of the Winter Palace, Rastrelli's most important project and official residence of the imperial family from 1732 to 1917 ... continue

Featured Projects

A Riveder le Stelle

The "A Riveder le Stelle" project is a revolutionary project created in collaboration with the most famous museums in the world that aims to allow art lovers to enjoy works that for various reasons have never been exhibited.

Thanks to its technology, Videolife is able to create physical events that exhibit virtual projections of works of art stored in remote places inaccessible to the public. The quality of the virtual works on display is astounding, capable of reproducing the emotion of the original vision.